man grinding his teeth

Teeth Grinding Can Ruin Your Smile

Teeth grinding or jaw clenching are also known as bruxism. One of the most common reasons patients come in for a visit, this condition can lead to a wide variety of oral problems that are painful and require extensive treatment. Bruxism can occur during the day or at night. During sleep bruxism a person grinds […]

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Dental Exams, Cleanings & X-Rays

Avoid cavities, infections and bad breath with your regular dental exam and cleaning! The American Dental Association recommends that a routine dental examination and cleaning are performed every 6 months. Our office performs a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums and tissues, including an oral cancer screening, and we utilize low radiation digital x-rays […]

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Family Dentistry

Our office aims to provide quality dental care for the entire family and to create a foundation of optimal oral health. We provide preventative and restorative treatments for all ages including: dental examinations, cleanings, fluoride treatments and sealants. Children are at risk for gum disease, cavities and infection so it is crucial that they receive […]

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