Dental Sealants & Your Child’s Teeth

Dental Sealants & amp; Your Child’s Teeth

If you’ve taken your child to the dentist, you’ve likely been told at some point that they should get dental sealants put on their baby teeth. Sealants are an important protective measure for primary teeth, and the Midtown Dental Care team can walk you and your child through the entire easy process.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are really just a clear coating that is applied onto the surface of your child’s molars to protect them against decay. The sealants prevent food particles from settling into crevices, which means plaque and decay can’t build up and cause cavities.

The procedure is quick and easy. We literally paint on a liquid that hardens into the final sealant. It’s painless and fast – one easy appointment, and your child will be ready to go!

Benefits of Sealants

  • Protect the teeth that are more difficult to reach with brushing and flossing
  • Seal grooves and crevices
  • Protect against food particles, bacteria build-up, and acid, all of which can cause decay and cavities

Is My Child a Candidate for Dental Sealants?

We recommend that children who still have their primary, or baby, molars get sealants placed to protect those vulnerable teeth. You may not think it, but baby teeth are just as important as permanent teeth because they aid in your child learning oral motor skills like chewing and talking, and they ensure that proper space is saved for permanent teeth to come in. That’s why it’s important to make sure baby teeth stay healthy and stay in place until they’re ready to fall out naturally.

Are Dental Sealants Safe?

The American Dental Association estimates that sealants reduce the risk of cavities by as much as 80%. There has been a lot of talk lately about BPA exposure, but at Midtown Dental Care, we keep your child safe by using BPA-free materials in our sealants. At each appointment after the placement, we’ll check your child’s sealants to make sure they look strong, but they should last for 5-10 years.

At Midtown Dental Care, we strive to provide a lifetime of healthy smiles for each of our patients, including our youngest ones. We want to instill positive dental hygiene habits from an early age, so if you’re ready to schedule your child’s next appointment and talk about dental sealants with Dr. Randhawa and our team, contact us today. We look forward to seeing your smile!