Emergency Dental Care: Let Us Help!

Emergency Dental Care: Let Us Help!

Dental emergencies like broken teeth lost crowns or fillings, or injuries rarely happen when it’s convenient, like when you already have an appointment with the dentist the next day. If you have a dental emergency, the team at Midtown Dental Care can help you get your smile back to full health fast with our convenient hours and 7-days-a-week phone and email availability.

Dental Emergencies

Sometimes a quick brushing and flossing session can help alleviate tooth discomfort, but there are certain dental issues that you shouldn’t ignore. If you experience any of these, call our office immediately for an emergency appointment.

  • Broken tooth
  • Lost filling or crown
  • Knocked-out tooth – do not touch the root of the tooth!
  • Tooth displacement
  • Extreme toothache

Dental Safety

While some dental emergencies are unavoidable, there are things you can do to keep your mouth healthy and safe. Daily brushing and flossing can help you avoid the decay that may lead to extreme toothaches. Make sure you brush twice a day for at least two minutes each time. When you floss, reach all the way back to your molars and clean thoroughly between those teeth since you do the bulk of your chewing with those teeth.

If you play sports, be sure to wear a custom mouthguard. These protect your teeth, gums, and cheeks against impacts while you play.

Grinding your teeth at night can cause weakening that may lead to dental emergencies as well. Consider a nightguard to protect your teeth, including your fillings and crowns.

When to Call the Dentist for Emergency Dental Care

If you’re experiencing any of the dental emergencies we’ve mentioned, give us a call. We’ll do everything we can to get you in as soon as possible. While you wait, you can do things like gargle with a saltwater mixture for a toothache or bite down on clean gauze for a broken tooth or lost crown. A cold compress on the outside of your cheek can help alleviate any pain you’re feeling as well.

At Midtown Dental Care, we want to make sure we can tend to your dental emergency quickly, so we set aside time in our daily schedule for emergencies. We’re also available every day of the week via phone or email if you have questions or concerns, and we can get you scheduled for the next day if you call after hours. Contact us immediately so we can help you deal with your dental emergency and get you back to smiling!