Gum Line Contouring For A Shaplier Smile

Gum Line Contouring For A Shaplier Smile

When people think about having a beautiful smile, their first thought is healthy white teeth that are straight and undamaged. While this is enough for some people to have the smile of their dreams, for others their gums are a little more pronounced than they’d like and cover up so much of their teeth that smiling gives them a ‘horsey’ appearance. While your gums are an important part of sustaining the health of your teeth, in these cases a portion of the gums are superfluous and are able to be removed to produce a more shapely smile.

What To Know About The Procedure

The first thing to know about this procedure is that it is largely painless and very safe and simple to perform. Using a specially configured laser your dentist will remove the excess gums and leave you with a beautiful smile that shows your pearly whites off to their best advantage. In some cases, your dentist may need to use a scalpel to complete the operation, but this is a fairly rare circumstance. Due to the non-invasive nature of the procedure and the minimal bleeding involved you can go into your dentist and have this procedure performed in a single visit.

What Recovery From Gum Line Contouring Is Like

Recovery from the procedure is remarkably easy and pain-free, with only a little sensitivity in your gums being present. The most important part of your recovery is to take care with your gums while they heal, so be gentle with brushing, eating, and flossing. It is highly unusual for there to be any open sores present, and they’re almost never a need for stitches nor any pain. Most patients experience a full recovery in about a week, with this time being extended in cases where stitches were necessary.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect After Gum Line Contouring?

Most patients report an increased sense of well-being and confidence, and a tendency to smile more thanks to their beautiful new smile. Smiling is an important part of our emotional and mental health, as the body triggers the release of endorphins anytime we smile. Endorphins are our bodies feel-good chemical, easing stress and soothing day to day pain, and the good news is smiling is infectious! Not only will your new smile make you feel better about the world around you, but it will also help others smile more and get some of that good feeling for themselves!

If you think you may be a viable candidate for gum contouring its time to connect with an expert in the field that will be happy to provide you with an incredible smile. Midtown Dental Care has been serving the New York, NY community by delivering top-notch cosmetic dentistry at the skilled hands of Dr. Jaskaren Randhawa. If you’re embarrassed about the gummy nature of your smile, pick up the phone and schedule an appointment and consultation today. You’ll look and feel better with a smile you can be proud of, so why wait?