Invisalign & Clear Correct


Woman smiling and holding a retainerWe offer Invisalign and Clear Correct aligners to straighten your teeth and create your perfect smile, without any metal braces. Clear aligners allow you to eat, drink, brush and floss without any problem.

After a comprehensive examination and review of X-rays, a smile assessment is performed. Custom records will be fabricated and submitted to Invisalign or Clear Correct. In two weeks, 3D simulation of your teeth movement will be provided and reviewed. At this time, we can estimate the length of treatment and the planned teeth movements. Once approved, your treatment will be finalized. At the next appointment, small tooth-colored attachments will be placed on your teeth to serve as anchors during movement. Each set of aligners are to be worn for approximately two weeks. As the aligners are replaced the teeth will move until they have straightened into their final positions. Regular follow-ups will be performed every 2 months and the total treatment time can last for as little as 6 months up to 15 months, varying case by case. Our Invisalign/Clear Correct treatment includes a full set of retainers to be worn after the treatment, as well as professional whitening.