The History of Dental Implants

Dental implants on a blue background

Dental Implants are big news right now in the dental industry, and they’re one of the services that are offered by Midtown Dental Care.  While they are only recently becoming a commonly talked about procedure, implants have in fact been around for a surprisingly long time. Below we’ll go into the fascinating history of these dental treatments, and cover just how far they’ve come to become the safe and beautiful solutions we have today.

The First Recorded Instances Of Dental Implants? 4000 BCE

That’s right! Over 4 millennia ago the Chinese were putting the first implants into use.  These implants were made from bamboo pegs and would be worn to replace teeth that had fallen out. Just 1000 years later in Egypt, there was a pharaoh who had a copper peg inserted into his upper jaw, though the jury is out on whether this was done before or after his death.  Either way, it was this instance that is marked as the first time that a metal tooth had been used to replace a natural one, and was affixed to the jawbone.

Implants Reach Western Europe: 300 BCE

Recent archaeological finds are revealing that iron teeth were used to replace natural teeth in France.  This is another instance where it’s impossible to know if the teeth were implanted pre or post-mortem, though the suspicion is that they were implanted after death.  But just 300 years later it was common for people to replace their natural teeth with the natural teeth of animals, slaves, or teeth bought from those who were poor. It’s unlikely that these lasted long due to the mouth rejecting the teeth, and infection was likely common, but that didn’t prevent people from trying.

Different Materials Are Tried Throughout The World

From this point forward it isn’t uncommon to find cultures attempting to replace missing natural teeth with implants.  Examples have been found all over the world that includes using jade teeth, seashells, and more. Even more remarkable is it was clear that not only were these teeth implanted during the person’s life but that the body actually started regenerating bone to support this new tooth-like structure.  The body is truly an amazing thing!

Modern Dental Implants

The first evidence of modern dental implants started to be seen in the 1950s when titanium implants were being used to replace missing teeth.  Almost 70 years later the technology has advanced to the point where implants appear perfectly natural, are comfortable to wear, and only need to be removed during dental visits for a thorough cleaning.  This kind of advancement means that anyone can have a beautiful set of natural looking teeth at any age, and can continue to reap the benefits of having a full set of teeth and the confidence of a beautiful smile.

If you’re looking into dental implants and want to know if they’re a good choice for you, contact Dr. Randhawa at the MidTown Dental Care clinic.  You’ll be scheduled for a consultation and your options for dental implants discussed, call today!