Why A Whiter Smile Is About More Than Being Photogenic

Why A Whiter Smile Is About More Than Being Photogenic

Every day we hear more about teeth whitening procedures, whether it’s from our dentist or on commercials during our favorite shows, and you’ve likely started asking yourself “Should I whiten my teeth?”. There’s a lot of reasons why someone may want to whiten their teeth. Perhaps your teeth are yellow from a smoking habit you’ve quit, maybe you drink a bit too much tea, cola, or coffee during the day to keep you going and your teeth are paying the price. Whatever the case, it’s inevitable that you’ve noticed that encroaching color on your teeth that no amount of brushing seems to erase… So should you whiten your teeth?

Have You Quit Smoking And Want To Celebrate With A Whiter Smile?

Quitting smoking is a huge accomplishment, and it’s one worthy of celebrating with a little self-care. If you’ve been smoking for years and have noticed that your teeth have yellowed as a result, why not give yourself one more reason not to start up again by having your teeth whitened? Every day when you flash your pearly whites, you’ll remind yourself of the whole-body-health victory you fought so hard for. Whitening your teeth will improve your smile and can help you feel even better about the accomplishment you worked so hard for.

Are You Hunting For That Next Big Job And Want Every Possible Edge?

Research has shown that a bright, white, confident smile is a significant factor in your first impression, and that means whitening your teeth can help you stand out among the competition. We agree that a candidate should be selected based on their experience and knowledge, but basic human psychology means that the state of your smile is going to have an impact.

Is Your Wedding Or Other Big Event Coming Up?

There are certain events in our lives when we just want to look our best, and weddings and class reunions tend to stand at the peak of these in importance. Whitening your teeth can be part of your preparation to look your best on your special day or make a good impression on the friends and competition you grew up with. There’s nothing like a pearly white smile to show just how far you’ve really come.

Have You Just Had Major Dental Work Done?

If you’ve recently had a lot of dental work done, it’s likely that your new teeth are markedly whiter than the rest of those in your mouth. After having all that work done to restore your smile, wouldn’t it just make sense to whiten your natural teeth to match, ensuring that you have an incredible smile?

There are as many reasons for whitening your teeth as there are ways to have it done. If you’re considering whitening your teeth, you should contact us or stop in and talk to your dentist. You can give Dr. Jaskaren Randhawa a call at Midtown Dental Care. They’ve been helping patients like you find the best whitening solutions for their needs and their dental health reality for years in New York, NY.